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40 Plus Hi-Res ‘Justice League’ Production Photos Released

Stills from Justice League/Courtesy to Warner Bros.

40 Plus Hi-Res ‘Justice League’ Production Photos Released

As expected, Warner Bros. has released over 40 new production photos from Justice League just 2 weeks before its release. The studio did a similar move with Wonder Woman before its worldwide release in June.

The images offer us first look at characters such as Martha Kent and Silvas Stone from Justice League. There are also stills of character such as Lois Lane and Queen Hippolyta who weren’t a big part of the film’s early promotion.

Fans that have been eagerly waiting to get a good look at Mera are in for a treat. Fans can spot the Queen of Atlantis in the images below. Going by her bruise on the forehead, it looks like Mera is in the middle of a battle.

As usual, The Man of Steel is once again missing in action. It looks like fans would have to wait till the film’s release to get their first look at the superhero.

Several stills seem to be from the fight that takes place in Gotham Ventilation Tower. Moreover, a few of the images were already revealed in earlier trailers and teasers. There’s also a BTS photo of Aquaman seated on the Batmobile, a similar type of photo was earlier revealed in SFX magazine’s feature as well.

It’s safe to say the images don’t contain any big spoilers but certainly does the job at hyping the film. Check out all the images below.

Justice League hits the big screens on November 17th. Currently, fans are awaiting early reactions from critics on social media after its embargo lift. But rest assured, it looks like the film will have big opening going by early tracking.




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