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‘A Quiet Place 2’ Expected To Begin Production In July, Details

Still from A Quiet Place Movie/ Paramount Pictures

‘A Quiet Place 2’ Expected To Begin Production In July, Details

Last year, A Quiet Place turned out unexpectedly to be a huge success for Paramount Studios which prompted them to go ahead with a sequel.  In October, John Krasinski also confirmed that he will be writing A Quiet Place 2 and now it looks like the studio and the team behind the original movie are all set to go ahead with its production.

Production Weekly brings the details with its latest listings stating A Quiet Place 2 will reportedly begin filming this July in Upstate New York. Filming is expected to wrap in September.

The choice of location for the project’s filming does hint at a possible inclusion of prequel elements in A Quiet Place 2. Back in November, actress Emily Blunt and Krasinski spoke to Entertainment Weekly about the development of the story for a sequel and Blunt also discussed the idea of diving into the past of the characters.

In some ways, the idea of seeing who these people were before this all happened would be interesting, but I’m not quite sure because I think actually it’s now what’s the next chapter and what happens next,” said Blunt, who plays the Abbott family matriarch. “I think people feel very invested in this family…. I think it’s such an open book right now, and certainly for John who is lasering into something as we speak.”

It’s still unknown if Krasinski would helm the sequel. Currently, he has an executive producer and a writer credit for the movie. But the studio is yet to fill up the director chair along with its cast.

Just recently, Paramount pulled the plug on its zombie fest sequel World War Z 2 due to budgeting issues. The movie was one of the most anticipated horror titles for 2020 along with A Quiet Place 2. Now it seems apparent that the studio would be prioritizing on the silent horror sequel along with its next Mission Impossible project.

A Quiet Place was an unexpected silent horror film that struck the audience by surprise and went on to earn over $334.5 million globally and has also received an Oscar Nomination in the Sound Editing category.

A Quiet Place 2 will hit theatres on May 15, 2020.




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