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Across the Spider-Verse surprises with [Spoilers] cameo as The Prowler, here are the best Spider-Man appearances from Spider-Society

Across the Spider-Verse surprises with [Spoilers] cameo as The Prowler, here are the best Spider-Man appearances from Spider-Society

While Miles Morales (Shameik Moore) is central to Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse’s plot [MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD], the events that unfold due to The Spot introduce a whole lot of Spider-people from the multiverse. Going from Brooklyn’s Earth-1610 to Nueva York Earth-928, the biggest surprise from Spider-Verse 2 is hands down Donald Glover‘s cameo as The Prowler a.k.a Aaron Davis. Though it was not the only interesting appearance from the Spidey universe.

Miles Morales’ journey in Across the Spider-Verse in many ways makes a full circle to Uncle Aaron – who is equivalent to Peter Parker’s Uncle Ben. So It only makes Donald Glover’s cameo all the more exciting to witness at the Spider-Society’s base in Nueva York.

As teased in the trailers, the events that unfold during Miles, Gwen (Hailee Steinfeld) and Pavitr Prabhakar’s (Karan Soni) face-off against The Spot in Mumbattan forces the Spider-Society to bring Earth-1610’s Spidey to their HQ in Earth-928 to meet Miguel O’Hara (Oscar Isaac). Before audiences get a peek at Glover, the sequence introduces several new Spider-People such as Malala Windsor Spider-UK Earth-835.

It is unclear if Malala Windsor is a reference to Malala Yousafzai but this version of UK Spider-Woman is shown burqa-clad and has a British accent. While there appears to be at least over 100 Spider-people part of the elite multiverse strike team – only a few like Malala Windsor are put in the spotlight with a comic panel bubble popping up to provide their character info.

One of the interesting Spideys at the Society is Peter Parkedcar of Earth-53931. The vehicle made an appearance in Amazing Spider-Man Vol. 3. But before audiences are indulged with more multiverse Spider-Man – Miles also witnesses villains from other universes imprisoned at the Spider-Society.

Donald Glover’s Prowler is locked up in Spider-Verse 2

It’s explained that the locked-up folks are anomalies from other realms who accidentally seem to have arrived in the wrong dimension. Surprisingly, Spider-Man Insomniac is also caged up among them too. But the bigger treat was certainly Donald Glover donning the purple armor of The Prowler.

Miles has a brief exchange with Donald’s Prowler and seems taken aback but Aaron Davis responds by telling him it’s rude to stare. Glover’s cameo appears for the second time when Miles is being chased by the Spider-Society. The Prowler just booes along with the rest of the imprisoned anomalies.

Other standout characters from the Spider-Society are Werewolf Spider-Man likely from Earth-7085, based on comics. Charlotte Webber as Sun-Spider, the disabled superhero who is seen web-slinging across with her wheelchair which also transforms into a Spider. Best of all, 1967’s Spider-Man appears for a brief moment similar to several other Spideys like Spider-Rex, web-slinger.

It’s unknown at the moment if Glover’s Prowler is the same as Spider-Man: Homecoming. Though it’s established the villain was caught by Hobbie Brown and Gwen Stacy. Spidey fans have long hoped to see the actor’s return as Uncle Aaron which would pave the way for Miles Morales’s live-action debut.

With Sony confirming a Miles Morales feature is in the works it will be interesting to see if Glover’s Spider-Verse cameo could result in the actor reprising the role. Across the Spider-Verse is currently in theaters.




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