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Angela Bassett Hypes Marvel Fans To Get Ready For ‘Black Panther’

Official poster of Marvel's Black Panther

Angela Bassett Hypes Marvel Fans To Get Ready For ‘Black Panther’

Marvel’s gritty toned Black Panther is one of the most anticipated titles since the main character from the film plays a considerable part in setting up for Avengers: Infinity War. If that isn’t enough to hype the fan club, Angela Bassett’s recent comment on the film would do the trick.

Recently, during the actress attendance at day two of the Creative Arts Emmy Awards, ET interacted with her to get some details on Black Panther. As expected, the actress seems to be thrilled as fans are going by the little whispers she’s heard.

“I am so stoked, so thrilled,” Bassett said regarding Black Panther. “It is going to be absolutely amazing. I heard a little word that as they’re putting it together that it’s just looking and feeling amazing and I’m just glad that all that we felt while we were making it is really translating to the screen. So, get ready, get ready. It’s going to be quite phenomenal.”

For those unaware, Bassett plays as Ramonda in Black Panther. The character was the former queen of Wakanda and mother to another character called Shuri. She’s also the surrogate mother for T’Challa in Marvel Universe.

It’s certain that the studio is still putting the film together. If there’s a necessity, the studio also has ample of time to undergo any additional photography without delaying its release date.

Black Panther’s teaser trailer has already done its part in hyping the masses for Chadwick Boseman’s second appearance as T’Challa. Since Marvel is currently prioritizing Thor: Ragnarok in terms of promotion, it is possible that the Black Panther full-length trailer would be set to release in January or after the release of Thor 3.

Black Panther is to hit the big screens on February 16th, 2018. Later on, some of the characters from that reside in Wakanda would also make an appearance in Avengers: Infinity War.

Source: ET




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