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‘Anime boy Slade Wilson’: Deathstroke’s design in My Adventures with Superman episode 2 gets DCU fans divided

‘Anime boy Slade Wilson’: Deathstroke’s design in My Adventures with Superman episode 2 gets DCU fans divided

The second episode of My Adventures with Superman has surprisingly started a discourse on Deathstroke’s look with many calling it an Anime-inspired design. The series introduces a younger version of Slade Wilson but unlike his comic iteration, Deathstroke is not sporting his iconic eye path and neither has lost his right eye.

HBO Max & Adult Swim’s animated series on the Man of Steel centering over the young Clerk Kent interning for Daily Planet has been met with good reception from critics and fans alike. Episode 1 & 2 which were released earlier on Friday 7 July introduces the three main leads of the series  – Lois Lane, Jimmy Olsen and Clark Kent. In addition, we also learn about the antagonist of the show, Deathstroke and the brain behind him is the Suicide Squad head Amanda Waller.

My Adventures with Superman does not name him during his debut appearance in episode 2. The only proof that he is in fact DC’s Deathstroke the Terminator is found in the credits mentioning him as Agent Slade Wilson. He is shown making contact with Livewire, another criminal from Superman’s lore.

My Adventures with Superman is a serialized coming-of-age story so Clark is introduced as a newbie who is yet to fully grasp and understand his powers. Furthermore, the young Kent’s first interaction with his biological parent, Jor-El leads to further confusion due to his inability to comprehend Kryptonian language. However, a vision of the past, the last moments of his Krypton parents informs Clark of his heritage whilst also giving him the Superman suit.

Unfortunately, Deathstroke’s youthful appearance has not struck a chord with many DCU fans. Detractors shared characters designs of the mercenary from Young Justice, Teen Titans: The Judas Contract and the acclaimed 2003 series as styles they prefer over the new depiction.

One user on Twitter @SteelSandRun brought up the anime-style design for Joker in Suicide Squad Isekai -“They turned Joker and Deathstroke into pretty anime boys”. The clown prince of crime’s facial structure was compared by many to the likes of Attack on Titan’s Captain Levi.

On the bright side, a large sect of the audience also supported the look and argued the anti-hero may still be in his early days and could possibly transform into the persona he’s known by the end of the series.

Voiced by Jack Quaid for Clark Kent/Superman – the series has also fallen on Superman: Legacy actor David Corenswet‘s radar. The 29-year-old star recently offered support to The Boys actor and said he “Will be watching” the show.

My Adventures with Superman episode 3 will air on HBO Max on July 14, 2023.




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