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Aquaman 2: Amber Heard’s Mera vs Black Manta scene reportedly cut, DCEU fans react to Jason Momoa drunk allegation, in talks to play Lobo & more

Aquaman 2: Amber Heard’s Mera vs Black Manta scene reportedly cut, DCEU fans react to Jason Momoa drunk allegation, in talks to play Lobo & more

Aquaman 2 is caught up in another controversy over Amber Heard‘s Mera involvement & Jason Momoa allegedly attempting to get The Rum Diary actress fired from the sequel. The surprising aspect of the bombshell report is the claims that James Wan reportedly removed two scenes featuring Heard’s Mera while the director has gone on record refuting rumors of reducing her screen time due to the Johnny Depp trial.

Aquaman 2’s weak audience score from test screenings might be the least of worries for Warner Bros. Pictures if the latest Variety report is true. Details emerging from documents, Amber Heard’s therapist notes made startling allegations such as Jason Momoa being intoxicated and even cosplaying like Depp and trying to get Heard fired from the project altogether.

“Jason said he wanted me fired,” the notes say. “Jason drunk — late on set. Dressing like Johnny. Has all the rings too.” Heard had also claimed during her witness stand in May 2022 that she was given a revised version of Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom script which removed action sequences involving her.

The trade report also details a face-off between Mera and Black Manta was cut and another featuring Amber Heard’s love scene with Jason Momoa didn’t make the final cut. The truth behind these allegations can only be confirmed if the SAG-AFTRA strike ends before Aquaman 2’s release, which would allow Heard & the rest of the cast to participate in press junkets. Nonetheless, the public perception is divided over the issue with some throwing their support for Momoa while others are standing by Heard to hear her side of the story.

While Amber is barely included in the Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom trailer, a brief shot shows her running up to the burning Lighthouse with Atlanna, the place where Arthur Curry’s father resides. Black Manta is hunting Aquaman’s family so it’s possible a Mera vs. Black Manta scene could have played out during this act though it remains unclear.

The continuation of Wan’s Aquaman universe hangs by a thread at the moment. In fact, Momoa is apparently in discussion to play Lobo, the Superman villain role possibly in James Gunn’s Man of Steel reboot or in a solo outing feature. However, many fans pointed out that Momoa engaging in talks to portray Lobo could potentially impact audiences’ interest in watching Aquaman 2.

The Fast X star has long been rumored to transition over to the James Gunn’s DCU as Lobo. However, the DC Studios’ leadership has hinted that any decision would hinge on Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom’s box office success. Though considering its massive budget of $215M, analysts think WB should pin its hope on the sequel’s earnings in China.

Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom will splash in theaters on December 20.




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