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Aquaman 2 rumor: Snyderverse’s Vulko character was killed off screen in original cut, Aquababy won’t [SPOILERS]

Aquaman 2 rumor: Snyderverse’s Vulko character was killed off screen in original cut, Aquababy won’t [SPOILERS]

A subplot for Aquaman 2 is rumored to have addressed Nudis Vulko’s absence, a character introduced in Snyderverse’s Justice League. While James Wan has gone on record to state Willem Dafoe‘s Atlantean role was not filmed due to a scheduling conflict – an insider report reveals an off-screen story for the Chief counselor of Atlantis King was originally included in an earlier cut.

The hype for James Wan’s underwater sequel has floated on the high tides in recent weeks thanks to the long-awaited trailer recovering the damage it faced from the behind-the-scenes hurdles. Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom went through several test screenings during its post-production and reportedly featured different cuts to audiences, one of which included details on why Dafoe’s character is not present in the sequel. Sadly, it appears Vulko’s arc ends due to an unforeseen devastation that strikes Atlantis.

According to credible scooper MTTSH, Aquaman 2’s original cut included a subplot “about a virus going rapid “in the underwater world. Sadly, Vulko is one of the victims claimed by this deadly disease. So Nudis Vulko was killed off-screen in the earlier cut, however, the insider also states the “most recent cut they screened” did not include any mention of the virus nor the chief Atlantian advisor.

It’s possible the final round of reshoots may have prioritized the main plot which pits Black Manta as the main threat. In fact, an earlier report also indicated that the role of Pilou Asbæk‘s role as Mongo the King of Necrus was dialed down to prioritize Black Manta as the big bad.

It remains to be seen if the Lost Kingdom would address why Atlanna serves as Arthur’s advisor while Nudis is largely responsible for shaping his path. In 2018’s Aquaman, the character plays a pivotal role in helping Arthur understand his roots, develop his fighting skills & also his place in Atlantis.

Vulko is not the only Snyderverse character failing to make it to the final cut. Ben Affleck‘s Batman cameo was also left in the editing bay, a decision that came from the higher-ups of DC Studios since the upcoming inter-connected universe has no plans of exploring more stories with this iteration.

Meanwhile, DC Film fans have lately been fixated over a report that claimed a particular scene in Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom resulted in audiences walking out mid-screening. Many implied Wan may have adapted a controversial comic storyline where the villain Black Manta kills Aquababy. However, insider ViewerAnon has dismissed the baseless claim.

Aquababy will not be harmed in Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom, especially since the sequel is expected to follow up on the comedic PG-friendly adaptation that made the first film a billion-dollar success at the box office. Still, for the sake of raising the stakes – Manta would likely target Arthur Curry’s father though fans are advised to take this news with a grain of salt.

Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom will splash on the big screen on December 20.




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