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Aquaman 2 trailer has #AmberisOurMera trending on X, fans react to parallels to Man of Steel, praises Black Manta’s comic booky suit, Aquababy plot & more

Aquaman 2 trailer has #AmberisOurMera trending on X, fans react to parallels to Man of Steel, praises Black Manta’s comic booky suit, Aquababy plot & more

The Aquaman 2 trailer finally arrived on Thursday and James Wan certainly delivers a vibrant comic book movie sequel with an even more menacing antagonist through Black Manta (Yahya Abdul-Mateen II). Wielding the powerful black trident his only goal lies in killing the King of Atlantis & everything he holds dear. But the 2-minute-plus footage has fans sounding off on social media for more than just the action-adventure in store and the exploration of Arthur (Jason Momoa) & Orm’s (Patrick Wilson) brotherliness – some are disappointed by the lack of Amber Heard’s Queen Mera presence as well.

Is Aquababy’s life in danger? that is one of the puzzling thoughts for DCU fans though James Wan supremacy might just be enough to encourage the comic book movie community to visit theaters in December. For starters, the picturesque CGI in Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom, particularly in developing the character suits for Black Manta has fans praising the director for delivering a comic book faithful design.

After defeating Orm the Ocean Master in 2018’s Aquaman, Arthur Curry appears to have led a peaceful life. The trailer introduces the King of Atlantis as a father caring for his newborn, dubbed as Aquababy on the internet. Speaking of, it was speculated the second installment adapts the “Aquaman: Death of a Prince” storyline in which Aquababy is killed by Black Manta. Furthermore, scooper CWGST also suggests Aquababy will die in the second installment.

Disappointment over Amber Heard’s one-shot appearance as Mera in Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom trailer

The trailer also teases Manta’s intention to murder Arthur’s family though it remains to be seen if Wan goes the length to portray the shocking death. Meanwhile, for some folks, the last DCEU title feels like a full circle to the first movie that set off the cinematic universe, 2013’s Man of Steel.

The sequence of Arthur Curry drying up his Atlantean King suit looks awfully similar to Man of Steel when Henry Cavill‘s Superman in his Clark Kent identity picks up a drying cloth from the clothesline to blend in. It is likely an unintentional nod to Zack Snyder‘s Superman film.

Aquaman 2 is also facing pushback for barely featuring Amber Heard’s Mera in the full-length trailer, especially since her character deserves to be in the spotlight as the Queen of Atlantis and the mother of Arthur Curry’s son. However, Wan indicated during an interview the sequel is all about Arthur and Orm, expressing it as a “bromance action-adventure movie”. Nonetheless, Heard’s fanbase is voicing their regret with the #AmberisOurMera on Twitter/X as can be seen in reactions below.

Altanna (Nicole Kidman) is also reported to have a significant screen time compared to the first film though Willem Dafoe‘s Vulko is not part of the sequel. While some skepticism still remains due to the wave of bad press from lukewarm screening reactions & reshoots – the Lost Kingdom trailer’s overwhelmingly positive reaction may help change that perspective.

Aquaman 2 will splash the big screens on December 20.




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