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Aquaman actor to play Lobo? Jason Momoa’s response gets DCU fans excited but sad news for Zack Snyder stans

Aquaman actor to play Lobo? Jason Momoa’s response gets DCU fans excited but sad news for Zack Snyder stans

There’s good news for Aquaman’s Jason Momoa and Lobo fans but the same cannot be said for Zack Snyder‘s avid DCEU supporters. Momoa has been the talk of the town since James Gunn teased Lobo. However, since the 43-year-old star is already playing King of Atlantis and also set to make his return in Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom, it seemed far-fetched to speculate his possible involvement in playing the immortal alien bounty hunter. However, his latest response has the fandom stoked. 

From riding sea dragons in Atlantis to possibly riding the Spacehog across galaxies — Momoa’s reply during an interview when quizzed about the DC Studios CEO’s social media post on Lobo has the fandom reassured over the possibility of seeing him portray as the muscular white-skinned Czarnian. Unfortunately, not all speculations were right on the money, like when Momoa spoke about his “dream” project

Momoa is currently promoting his upcoming movie Slumberland and got to address both viral incidents which have fans stoked, in separate interviews. Starting with the Lobo rumors,’s Brandon Davis informed Momoa about Gunn’s post, and his sly yet cryptic answer, “Well, everyone knows I’m a comic book fan, and so the comic that I collect the most and I have every comic there is … you can do your research and find out what it is”. Readers can check it out below.

Momoa’s interest in cigar-chomping anti-hero was public knowledge during the release of 2018’s Aquaman. In fact, the star, at one point, was under the impression he was roped in to play the anti-hero or antagonist, Lobo. Since then, there have been many fan arts, such as BossLogic’s artwork that had the internet convinced he’d be a comic-accurate casting for the role. 

Meanwhile, Snyder fans were in for a disappointment as Momoa addressed his “maestro” comment and confirmed it was not aimed at the Justice League director. Furthermore, it isn’t related to the DC Universe too. 

Aquaman fans are puzzled over Jason Momoa playing Lobo while still being DCU’s King of Atlantis

Speaking to Cinema blend, Momoa’s response when asked if he hinted at Snyder’s involvement in his dream project: “No. No, no, no, no. You have to dig deeper. It’s the Holy Grail. And it’s different than the DC thing. And I really can’t say anything. That’s it.”

On the bright side, Jason Momoa might get to be the first actor to play two lead comic book movie characters. Although stars like Gemma Chan have already dabbled with two roles (Eternals & Captain Marvel), it is still an unprecedented decision. But can it be done with good storytelling? From the looks of it, this might hinge on The Flash movie possibly centering around a Flashpoint-Esque plot. 

At the moment, all eyes are on Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom which releases on December 25, 2023.

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