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Aquaman: Black Manta Actor Responds To Fans Queries On Twitter, Talks Training, Reading DC Comics And More

Aquaman: Black Manta Actor Responds To Fans Queries On Twitter, Talks Training, Reading DC Comics And More

Earlier last week, Yahya Abdul-Mateen 2 confirmed that he will be playing as Black Manta in Aquaman. The actor was congratulated by Dwayne Johnson for his new role and his response confirmed that he has been signed on for the standalone Atlantian film.

Recently, Mateen decided to do a Q&A with his followers-answering any possible question that didn’t pose as a direct spoiler to his role in Aquaman. The Black Manta actor went on to answer fan’s queries for about 20 minutes and we definitely got to hear a lot about his progress with the DC character role.

One fan questioned Mateen if he has been reading any of Aquaman comics as preparation for playing Black Manta. The actor revealed that he’s reading Black Manta Rising and shared his love and excitement for the character in the comic.

Mateen also confirmed that he has been training for the role. But when asked what type of routine he has been following, “The scary kind!!!,” replied the actor.

Mateen has also played a cop role in the upcoming Baywatch. One fan asked him to describe the film. He hilariously responded by saying, “stooooopid fun on the beach.”

While many fans were interested in finding out how the actor was preparing for his role- Mateen, unfortunately, couldn’t share any details and also replied to one of the fans saying “Can’t give away the gold!!.”

Fortunately, he did reveal the reason why he took on the role of Black Manta. Moreover, he also shared what characteristic he liked about him.

“That guy is soo relentless! It’s a fun challenge to make that interesting,” wrote Mateen. Fans check out all his replies below.Aquaman releases on December 21st, 2018.

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