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Aquaman Comic-Con Trailer Shows Arthur Curry Challenge Orm For The Throne

screenshot from Aquaman trailer

Aquaman Comic-Con Trailer Shows Arthur Curry Challenge Orm For The Throne

Finally, the most awaited trailer of the year is here. The director and cast of Aquaman debuted the first trailer of the film at SDCC Hall H and the studio has also made it available online for all.

The trailer begins by giving the audience some insight on Arthur Curry. We are first introduced to Thomas Curry played by Temuera Morrison and how he ends up saving Nicole Kidman’s Queen Atlanna when she washes up shore his lighthouse. As a child, Arthur seems to be instilled with the destiny to unite both underwater and surface world.  Moreover, from a very young age, he also seems to inherit the ability to control underwater creatures.

The next shot shows Arthur Curry raid a submarine. From the looks of it, Aquaman might be taking down a pirate submarine and the crew isn’t equipped to take him on.

It looks like Arthur is still lost at the beginning of the movie and isn’t bothered about taking his place among his fellow Atlantians. but fortunately, Amber Heard’s Mera steps in to fill in on what Aquaman’s brother, Orm plans to do to the surface world.

Orm is attempting to unite the seven kingdoms to wage a war on the surface world. It looks like Aquaman is the only person who could stop him by taking his rightful place as King.

The trailer also introduces the audience as well as Arthur himself to the underwater world known as Atlantis. As expected, the film will surely be visually stunning.

Scenes of Arthur and Orm in a gladiator arena are shown in the trailer. Aquaman is challenging the Ocean Master for the throne. but it doesn’t look like it will be an easy battle to win.

The trailer also gives us the first glimpse at the Trench and also shots of Black Manta taking on Aquaman. An extended trailer was played at SDCC but the publicly released version can be found below.

Aquaman hits theaters on December 21st, 2018. It looks like the studio doesn’t plan on moving up its release date but rather compete with other titles set to release on the same week.

Source: Warner Bros.




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