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Aquaman: Dolph Lundgren Performs Underwater Scenes For King Nereus Role

Aquaman: Dolph Lundgren Performs Underwater Scenes For King Nereus Role

Earlier in April, it was confirmed that Dolph Lundgren would play as King Nereus in Aquaman. Fans were excited by the announcement as many praised Director James Wan and Warner Bros. for the perfect casting.

Recently, Lundgren proved all fans that he was indeed the right choice for playing King Nereus. A new clip shows the actor practicing some underwater stunts for his character in Aquaman. According to the user that shared the video, Lundgren surprised his fans by uploading the video on Snapchat.

It looks like Lundgren is performing a scene which requires him to swim underwater. Fans can check it out below.

Going by the footage, it looks similar to the Aquaman scene from Justice League. Earlier, Zack Snyder shared a clip of the Atlantian superhero performing similar moments for an underwater scene. The director shared the footage with his fans during his post-production work.

Currently, Jason Momoa (playing as Aquaman/Arthur Curry) is in London for the Justice League reshoots. Patrick Wilson (playing as Orm) has also left Australia for his attendance at New York City Center’s Brigadoon.

It was suggested that the filming in Australia was on hold. But it looks like Lundgren is still working on his role as King Nereus for the film.

Director Wan has already managed to hype fans for the film’s release next year. An earlier footage also revealed the production team filming in water tanks. Fans are thrilled to see what the director has planned for the DC film.

Aquaman hits theaters on December 21st, 2018. But fans catch Momoa in action as the Atlantian superhero in the upcoming Justice League releasing on November 17th this year.

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