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Aquaman: Funny Easter Egg Clears Arthur’s Chances At Dating Wonder Woman

Aquaman: Funny Easter Egg Clears Arthur’s Chances At Dating Wonder Woman

Director James Wan’s Aquaman is showing no signs of slowing down at the box office. Now that the film has been released worldwide, avid fans have found some major DCEU references in Aquaman. For those who have missed, the film has a hilarious Wonder Woman connection.

Aquaman‘s mid-credits scene shows Black Manta (Yahya Abdul-Mateen II) being rescued at sea by scientist Dr. Stephen Shin (Randall Park) following his massive showdown with Arthur Curry (Jason Momoa) in Sicily. Shin, who is kind of obsessed with Atlantis, takes Black Manta to a coastal shack whose walls are covered with news clippings and articles related to Aquaman.

A DC Cinematic subreddit user found an easter egg connecting Aquaman to his Justice League member Wonder Woman. The wall features one article with the headline, “Wonder Woman Nixes Aquaman Dating Rumors.” You can check out the picture below.

Earlier this week, we also found Aquaman has an easter egg which connects it to Man of Steel. In Zack Snyder’s 2013 Man of Steel film, there’s a scene where Clark ends up drowning in the ocean after he gets crushed underneath the wreckage while trying to rescue oil workers from a flaming, offshore drilling platform. Surprisingly, he comes out alive and well from the ocean with a whale and its child. While the scene doesn’t show who saved Super-Man from the ocean, it was later revealed that it was Aquaman.

The same flaming oil platform was shown in one of the holographic images that Arthur’s half-brother Orm showed him to justify his rage against the surface world.

Aquaman has already grossed $596 million worldwide as of Wednesday. Considering the film’s growing popularity, it is expected that it will likely reach the $1 billion mark. The film’s impressive performance at the China box office has reportedly got the film a rare 30-day extension in the country. This means the film will now be playing in China until February 6th, 2019.

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