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Aquaman Has A Easter Egg Which Connects To Man Of Steel’s Oil Rig Scene

Still of Aquaman from Justice League SDCC Special Trailer

Aquaman Has A Easter Egg Which Connects To Man Of Steel’s Oil Rig Scene

It was none other than ace director Zack Snyder who cast Jason Momoa as Aquaman in the DC Extended Universe. Before getting a solo movie, the DC underwater superhero briefly appeared in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016) before bagging a bigger role in Justice League (2017). Now, with the release of Aquaman, the half-human, half-Atlantean superhero is winning hearts all over the world.

Interestingly, Arthur Curry had a secret off-screen cameo in Snyder’s 2013 Man of Steel film than fans never realized. To recall, in Man of Steel, when Clark attempts to rescue some oil workers from a flaming, offshore drilling platform, Clark ends getting crushed underneath the wreckage and drowns in the ocean. But, surprisingly, he comes out alive and well from the ocean with a whale and its child, after having been rescued by something, or someone. Fans were delighted to know that it was Aquaman who saved Superman.

The same incident was referred to in the recently released film during a sequence in which Arthur Curry’s half-brother Orm outlines his motivations and justifications to Aquaman for bringing a war to the surface world. While illustrating his point, Orm conjures up some holographic images, one of which is a flaming oil platform, a reference to the moment which saw Aquaman coming to Superman’s rescue.

Notably, Aquaman and Superman didn’t come in direct contact until Justice League. So, this could mean that Arthur saved Clark without the knowledge he was saving Superman.

Recently, during an interview with Collider, director James Wan revealed Baby Driver director Edgar Wright was the one who gave him an idea to include an Easter egg referencing the 1960s animated television show Stingray in Aquaman.

Let me tell you this,” Wan said in response to a question about Easter eggs. “Two years ago, Edgar Wright tweeted me that, if you can get Stingray in there somewhere, I’m going to give you an Oscar. He said that to me. So guess what I did in this film? I put Stingray in there. So I’m waiting for Edgar to see the film and remind him of his tweet… It’s a fun sort of inside joke with Edgar. That’s more an Easter egg between he and I.”

Aquaman is currently running in theatres.




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