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Aquaman Highly Likely To Become First DCEU Film To Cross $1 Billion Mark

Still from Aquaman/ Warner Bros.

Aquaman Highly Likely To Become First DCEU Film To Cross $1 Billion Mark

Warner Bros. and DC Films’ Aquaman has opened to a massive show both at the international as well as domestic box offices. The film has already crossed $550 million mark at the worldwide box office and $105 million domestically in the process.

Jason Momoa’s superhero comic book film was also the clear winner at the Christmas box-office as it earned $11 million on Christmas Eve and $22 million on Christmas Day alone.

Well, looking at the box office numbers, it doesn’t seem difficult for Aquaman to reach the $900 million mark or even more impressive, the $1 billion milestone before wrapping up its theatrical run.

A Forbes report predicts Aquaman might close in on $700 million by the end of next weekend, thereby cementing its place as the third-highest-grossing film within the DCEU behind Batman v Superman and Wonder Woman. Looking at the film’s strongholds on both the domestic and international fronts, it doesn’t seem impossible for it to reach the $1 billion mark and get crowned as the DCEU’s best performer to date.  Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice currently holds the record of the highest-grossing movie in the shared DC universe with $873.6 million worldwide.

Aquaman’s massive box office success is highly likely to have already paved a way for a sequel film. It is expected that the sequel will be put on the fast track, given its early success. But, unfortunately, it seems director James Wan isn’t yet up for a sequel film.

During an interview with Variety earlier this month, when Wan was asked if he has already been roped in for a sequel film, he confirmed that he has not signed any other Aquaman film.

This is my only one that I have signed to do,” Wan replied when asked how many Aquaman films he has been signed for.

Aquaman is currently playing in theaters worldwide.




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