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Aquaman: James Wan Announces Dolph Lundgren As New Cast, Confirms He Is Not “Quite” A Villain

Aquaman: James Wan Announces Dolph Lundgren As New Cast, Confirms He Is Not “Quite” A Villain

Warner Bros. has brought in a new cast member for Aquaman. Most of us know him for playing the iconic role as Drago in Rocky IV. However, it looks like he won’t be starring as the villain this time.

Earlier this week on Wednesday, THR exclusively announced that Dolph Lundgren has been signed on by Warner Bros. to star in Aquaman. Furthermore, it was revealed that he would be playing as King Nereus.

For those unaware, King Nereus first appeared in DC Comics’ Aquaman #19 released in 2013. The character is the leader of a group called Xebel. Mera was also once part of it.

THR also revealed that the character will go on to be a threat to Aquaman and would also claim Mera as his own. However, a recent tweet by Director Wan revealed that he won’t “quite” be a villain in the movie. Check it out below.

In other DCEU news, Amber Heard has also been quite busy studying about her character and the Atlantian universe. The actress recently shared a photo on Instagram, revealing various DC Rebirth Comics. Fans check out the image below.

Aquaman will soon begin filming in Australia. Jason Momoa and Heard are already in the country preparing for their shooting. The standalone movie releases on December 21st, 2018.

Fans will also get a dose of Arthur Curry and Mera in the upcoming Justice League releasing on November 17th. The recent trailer revealed that the Atlantian King will have a prominent role in the battle against Steppenwolf and his army of Parademons.

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