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Aquaman: Mera & Arthur Visit A Ruin In Search Of Clues For Their Quest In New Pic

Still from Aquaman trailer

Aquaman: Mera & Arthur Visit A Ruin In Search Of Clues For Their Quest In New Pic

Going up against the Ocean Master won’t be an easy fight for Arthur Curry in the upcoming Aquaman. Fortunately, Arthur along with Mera is on the search for a weapon that would help them get the upper hand in battling Orm.

EW’s recent Fall Movie Preview special double issue delivers the new still from a scene in Aquaman featuring Arthur Curry and Mera. The two are inside the ruins of one of the Seven Kingdoms of Atlantis.

The ruin is located deep in the heart of the African desert. Arthur and Mera visit the place as part of their quest to get their hands on the Trident of Neptune to fight King Orm, Aquaman’s half-brother.

James Wan says that the place will be used to play a device containing an ancient recording. It will probably help them get closer in their quest to find the trident.

They’ve been given an ancient recording device and this is the only place they can play it back to get a clue to the next step of their journey,” said Wan. “It’s like an ancient VHS player.” You can check out the photo below.

In the first trailer, we see Arthur Curry take on King Orm in the gladiator arena. But Arthur is using a quindent to fight the Ocean Master. The upcoming movie will explain how the weapon once belonged to Queen Atlanna.

From the looks of it, the dual in the gladiator arena would be Arthur’s first confrontation with King Orm. A fight where the Ocean master may end up being the victor. But it’s too early to speculate. Perhaps the next trailer will offer more context.

Warner Bros. will likely release a hi-res version of the still soon. Follow us on our social platform and subscribe to our push notification and newsletter to receive updates.

Aquaman hits theatres on December 21st, 2018. Grab the latest EW issue to check out the photo.


Aquaman still from EW


Aquaman Still from EW

Source: EW




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