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Aquaman: Mera Uses Her Powers At Drunk Guy’s Beer In Leaked Set Video

Aquaman: Mera Uses Her Powers At Drunk Guy’s Beer In Leaked Set Video

Earlier yesterday, Amber Heard gave DCEU fans an update on the filming of Aquaman. The actress shared a photo of herself along with her main cast Jason Momoa and Director James Wan from the set while taking a break.

Amber Heard had the entire spotlight in the photo thanks to her beautiful redhead for the role of Mera. Later that day, a video from the set of Aquaman revealed the scene the actress was filming.

The courtesy for the video goes to bigfootkam on Youtube. The user uploaded the footage featuring Heard as Mera performing a scene on the set built to portray Amnesty Bay.

By the looks of it, Mera seems to have her eye set on something else as she walks into Amnesty Bay possibly trying to go into Terry’s Sunken Galleon. But the Atlantian seems to be bothered by a drunken guy (stunt performer) holding on to a beer.

The video reveals Mera using her powers to blow off the beer on the drunken guy’s face. The footage contains no spoilers. Fans can check it out below.

Bigfootkam has also shared his side of explanation for the footage in the description. Readers can check it out below.

Aquaman (2018) filming on location of Amnesty Bay set, Seaworld Drive, Main Beach. Amber Heard as ‘Mera’ can be seen dealing with a drunk patron at Jason Momoa (Aquaman/Arthur Curry) bar “Terry’s Sunken Galleon”. Gag features Amber as Mera exploding a bottle of beer in the face of a stunt performer that was previously greeted by Jason Momoa. James Wan is also seen giving direction to Amber Heard as onset crew shield her from view amid tight security. 15 cuts later we hope James Wan has the required footage.

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