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Aquaman Movie: 20 New Hi-Res Stills Show Mera In New Attire, King Nereus & More

Still from Aquaman/ Warner Bros.

Aquaman Movie: 20 New Hi-Res Stills Show Mera In New Attire, King Nereus & More

As Warner Bros. and DC films Aquaman movie inches closer to its release later this month, the studio is ramping up its marketing as well. 20 new hi-res stills have been released which give a glimpse of the underwater world and some of the characters from the movie.

Though Warner Bros. did release over 40 stills, most of them have already hit the internet. Some fans may notice that the few stills below were also shown in earlier trailers and TV spots. From the looks of it, the movie might have a lot more for fans to offer than what’s already been revealed as part of its promotion.

In any case, Aquaman has already received a widely positive response from critics which was revealed in the recent social media reactions. Full reviews are expected to drop on December 12. Furthermore, the movie’s box office earning on the opening weekend is also expected to be $100 million plus.

It is definitely a good sign for the DC film since it will also be receiving competition from other releases this Christmas such as Mary Poppin Returns. In a recent interview, Even director James Wan himself addressed the movie being in competition with Disney’s film.

For sure, I think I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t worried,” Wan said.

The director also went on the state that during the Holidays, that there is a better success rate for multiple films to earn high. And also added that he doesn’t mind being the underdog.

The studio also seems to be doing everything it can to get the masses to watch the movie. A recent report revealed that Warner Bros. reportedly removed a few bloody scenes to receive an audience-friendly rating in the UK.

Though Aquaman will release on December 21 in the US. the movie will be arriving in theaters earlier in other regions such as India where it drops on December 14. So it is understandable that marketing and promotions are already high for the movie.


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