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‘Aquaman’: Nicole Kidman Heads To Australia To Play As Queen Atlanna

‘Aquaman’: Nicole Kidman Heads To Australia To Play As Queen Atlanna

Finally, it looks like the entire cast of Aquaman will soon come together in Australia. It has been revealed that actress Nicole Kidman is also heading to the country to play her part in the DC project helmed by James Wan.

The news comes from THR film reporter Rebecca Ford who was told by Kidman that she would travel to Australia on Saturday. The actress will make her screen appearance playing as Queen Atlanna. The character will be a parent role to young Arthur Curry in Aquaman.

In an earlier interview, Kidman also spoke about playing a role which requires her to be a “female warrior from the sea.” It was also reportedly revealed that the actress had been to Sydney earlier and it could be for her filming in the DCEU movie. It is possible that Kidman has traveled back and forth for the filming of her part in Aquaman.

Last week, set photos also revealed the film crew construction the Curry Lighthouse on a hill in Hasting Point. Going by those images, it is likely that Kidman’s filming as Queen Atlanna would take place in this location.

Aquaman seems to be the only DCEU project currently progressing as planned with the production taking place in Australia. Earlier, fans also got their first look at the film as a brief teaser was screened exclusively for the SDCC attendees.

Aquaman hits theatres on December 21st, 2018. Fans will get to see Momoa and Amber Heard playing their respective DC role in the upcoming Justice League. The film releases on November 17th this year.

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