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‘Aquaman’ Production Budget Reportedly Revealed

‘Aquaman’ Production Budget Reportedly Revealed

The upcoming Aquaman would introduce comic book fans and moviegoers to a new fictional world deep underwater called Atlantis. Currently, Director James Wan is in the process of filming those scenes using water tanks and other techniques to portray the underwater world.

Its not doubt that Aquaman is one of Warner Bros. big budget films under the DCEU. However, a new report has reportedly revealed the production budget of Aquaman. Going by its estimate, the budget is higher than this year’s Wonder Woman.

According to Redland City Bulletin, the production budget for Aquaman is set at $160 million. While it’s definitely higher than WW ($149 million), it isn’t in par with DCEU’s Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice which had a budget of $250 million.

Batman v Superman, as the film’s title states, featured two big Hollywood actors portraying DC’s richest characters, The Man of Steel and The Batman. It’s sensible of Warner Bros. to set its budget at $250million. Although the film failed at appealing to the critics, it still managed to rake in over 800$ million.

It is also possible that the current set budget could increase if Aquaman goes through reshoots. Earlier, a report stated that the on going additional photography for Justice League looks to spend over $25 million.

The report has also revealed that the film’s production has helped boost Stradbroke Island’s economy. The film crew has been filming in the location since May and it has led to more job opportunities for the people on the Island.

Aquaman hits theatres on December 21st, 2018. Fans in Brisbane will also get a chance to meet the main cast Momoa during Oz Comic-Con.

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