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Aquaman: Set Video Reveals The Curry Lighthouse In Construction, Details

Aquaman: Set Video Reveals The Curry Lighthouse In Construction, Details

Earlier last week, it was revealed that Nicole Kidman is traveling to Australia to film her part for Aquaman. The actress plays as Queen Atlanna, a parent role that is expected to be part of the film’s flashback.

A source close to Pursue News has confirmed that the actress began filming her part earlier this morning. Prior yesterday, Kidman arrived on the Gold Coast for a late costume fitting. But it looks like the actress won’t be filming her role at Hastings Point.

For those unaware, Hastings Point is the location being used to construct The Curry Lighthouse. Earlier, we got to see some photos of the set still in construction. Finally, we have a set video to give an update on the crew’s progress.

7 News Brisbane was able to capture some aerial shots of The Curry Lighthouse in construction at Hastings point. Fans can check it out below.

Another aerial video shows a different part of the set which was used earlier this month. Amber Heard also shared a photo from the location posing along with Jason Momoa and Director James Wan.

Kidman will be filming her part as Queen Atlanna for the next 2 days. The Curry Lighthouse set is not likely to be ready for production by this week. It looks like the actress will be filming in other parts of the set.

Aquaman is scheduled to hit theatres on December 21st, 2018. But there is a possibility for the release date to be changed once again as Paramount has also lined a Transformers film for release on the same month. There has been no news yet.

Source:  7 News Brisbane ,b1gr1g

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