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Aquaman: Trainer Reveals Amber Heard Worked Out Non-Stop For Mera Role

Aquaman: Trainer Reveals Amber Heard Worked Out Non-Stop For Mera Role

Earlier last month, Amber Heard put an end to all the criticism when she revealed her stunning figure in Mera costume for Aquaman. Fans were thrilled to see the actress’s adaptation of the comic book character and shared their love for her effort in transforming to play the role.

Unlike other DC actors like Ben Affleck and Henry Cavill, we still haven’t had the chance to see a training Montage video of Heard as Mera. Most likely, we may never come across such a scene in the upcoming Justice League or Aquaman. However, that doesn’t mean the actress didn’t go through intense sessions of workout for her character.

Recently, People was able to catch up with one of Heard’s trainer Gunnar Peterson and got some details on the celeb’s training for Mera. It looks like the actress trained rigorously to look aesthetic and match her character from the comics.

“For a non-stop, no-breaks hour with me, and THEN she went to her fight training, which was rigorous!,” said Peterson who trained the actress for four to five times a week.

“Everything was athletically based. We trained movements, not muscles,” Peterson added. “Squat presses, sled work and lots of work in a rotational plane against resistance. She is a true athlete.”

Heard’s fans on Instagram are already aware of her earlier intense training sessions. The actress has been hitting the gym with a strict plan for over a year to play her role as Mera.

Fans must also be aware that the actress had begun training for her role early as she plays Mera in the upcoming Justice League as well. Fans can watch her don the character in the stunning Atlantian costume this year on November 17th.

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