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Aquaman: Underwater Creatures Inspired From New 52 DC Comics Included In Film

Aquaman: Underwater Creatures Inspired From New 52 DC Comics Included In Film

An earlier press release from Warner Bros. officially confirmed the entire main cast for Aquaman. Recently, a new report has revealed other supporting characters that would play a prominent role in making the film exciting, horrifying and thrilling for the audience.

The news scoop comes from Superhero News recent video podcast which reveals that the film will feature mysterious aquatic creatures. Sean Gerber heard from his sources close to the production that “there are creatures that were described as being bipedal, humanoid, having arms and legs but having fins, big heads, big eyes and very long and very sharp teeth that sounds very much like the ‘trench’.”

For those unaware, ‘trench’ are creatures that were introduced in Aquaman Comics by Geoff Johns in 2011 in the New 52. While this report sounds new, Gerber also pointed that the first credit goes to fan site ‘Aquaman Shrine’ as the website called it in October 2014.

Gerber’s source didn’t make any direct reference that the trench creatures are confirmed for the movie. However, based on the source’s description- it is likely to be the trench creatures. Fans can watch Superhero News discuss it in the video below.

It was also revealed that James Wan won’t be using CGI to develop these creatures but use animatronics instead. Moreover, actors will be using stilts to look larger than their height and portray themselves as huge creatures similar to its adaptation in the comics.

Aquaman is set to release on December 21st, 2018. An earlier report revealed the exact location the film crew would shoot in Australia later this week.

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