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‘Aquaman’: Willem Dafoe’s Vulko Is More Than Just Arthur’s Mentor, Reveals James Wan

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‘Aquaman’: Willem Dafoe’s Vulko Is More Than Just Arthur’s Mentor, Reveals James Wan

Actor Willem Dafoe is portraying as Nuidis Vulko in Warner Bros. and DC Film’s upcoming movie, Aquaman. Vulko is the chief royal of Atlantis and is probably its most notorious political and academic figure. He is one of Aquaman’s closest allies as well as his mentor. The character was supposed to debut in 2017’s Justice League, but that sequence ended up being cut out of the film.

During a recent interview with Total Film magazine, director James Wan explained about the character Vulko played by Dafoe.

He’s an advisor to King Orm, and he’s also a mentor to Aquaman,” Wan said.

Wan also about the production of the film which involved heavy CGI and special effects.

You could look at a monitor that was filming in a greenscreen room, with all these elements covered with green fabric and all these reference points, and then you could go to the monitor and see the completed set, but in a rendering that was laid over the live scene,” Wan explained. “So that was sometimes very helpful. So when you’re on this big object that’s moving around on the gimbal that’s supposed to be a shark – you could actually go to the monitor and see the size of the shark you’re on.”

Aquaman director James Wan also recently released two new images from the film on his Twitter account. The two pictures feature King Orm and Vulko riding their choice of an underwater creature. While one of the pictures show Vulko sitting on a giant armored hammerhead shark, the other one features Patrick Wilson’s King Orm riding a Tylosaur with a trident in his hand.

Aquaman stars Jason Momoa (Arthur Curry), Amber Heard (Mera), Nicole Kidman (Queen Atlanna), Patrick Wilson (Orm a.k.a. Ocean Master), Yahya Abdul-Mateen II (Black Manta), Willem Dafoe (Nuidis Vulko), Dolph Lundgren (Nereus) and Temuera Morrison (Thomas Curry). Rumors are that Aquaman’s runtime will span to 140 minutes.

The film is set to arrive in theaters on December 21.

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