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‘Aquaman’: Zack Snyder Got To See Director’s Cut Of Film At Early Stages Of Production

Still of Ocean Master from Aquaman

‘Aquaman’: Zack Snyder Got To See Director’s Cut Of Film At Early Stages Of Production

Despite the fact director Zack Snyder has distanced himself from directing DC Films post-Justice League, he continues to encourage and help other DC directors with their work. Recently, Aquaman director James Wan revealed that Snyder had approved of his work during the editing of the film.

During an interview with Collider, when Steve Weintraub asked Wan about Zack’s feedback when he showed the Director’s cut of Aquaman to him, he said Snyder gave him his thumbs up and blessing to go ahead with the film.

Yeah, I showed Zack [Snyder] my Directors Cut pretty much right after I finished it and he gave me his thumbs up,” Wan said. “He was really complimentary about it. He basically gave his blessing to me to go finish the movie, because he knew how huge of an undertaking I had with the visual effects.”

Wan revealed that the Aquaman cut that he showed to Zack and Debbie was completely raw, almost all the scenes had a blue screen for the CGI.

What he saw was a lot of blue screens, a lot of pre-viz and a lot of storyboards,” the Aquaman director said. “You photograph your storyboard’s and you cut it into the film and so it was very very rough and crude. But, I think the human element is there that played and I think he and Debbie [Snyder] were very complimentary about it. They gave us their blessing.”

It seems the blessing has already done its job as WB and DC’s Aquaman is almost near to reaching the $750 million mark at the worldwide box office. So far, it has earned $748.8 million globally and $188.8 million at the domestic box office. It is speculated that if the film continues to perform at the same pace, it might cross the $1 billion mark in the new year.

Aquaman is now playing in theaters everywhere.

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Source: Collider




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