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Army of the dead director Zack Snyder teases who’s inside Kryptonian pod in Man of Steel

Still of open pod from Man of Steel/ Warner Bros.

Army of the dead director Zack Snyder teases who’s inside Kryptonian pod in Man of Steel

For a long time, Zack Snyder has relentlessly teased DCEU fanatics with the identity of who in fact was inside the open Kryptonian pod from Man of Steel. But even post the release of Zack Snyder’s Justice League – the director has remained mum. but it hasn’t stopped him from reminding fans if he’d ever get candid over the mysterious Kryptonian.

Snyder school has been in session ever since the release of Netflix’s Army of the dead. The streaming giant has been promoting several behind-the-scenes videos featuring the director breaking down the process of creating a new cinematic universe – much like the Snyderverse and AOTD’s new zombie world.

While addressing some of the mysteries surrounding the Alpha zombie, Zeus, in Army of the Dead – Snyder also picked up on the unanswered plot point from Man of Steel to say:

“Like what if the crash in the Superman ship, that is, whatever thousands of years ago, a Kryptonian scout ship crashed on Earth. Everyone died in the crash. One of the crashes [pod] is open and the person’s gone. So you’re saying there is a Kryptonian, here on Earth somewhere other than Superman.”

Snyder confessed it was a question that he still gets quizzed over by fans. Although the director decided not to unveil at this point in time.

Who was in the crash? I have a pretty good idea who was in the crash. But I don’t know if we’ll ever know. I don’t know if I’ll ever say,” said Snyder. Readers can check it out below.

Theories floated around that the crashed scout ship may have been Kara Zor-El also known as Supergirl. However, Snyder has dismissed those claims in 2018 stating it was “something more.” Since then, many have been under the impression that it could have been Martian Manhunter – the character introduced in the Snyder cut, played by Harry Lennix.  Perhaps, the pod contained a potential threat- seemingly Brainiac for a possible Man of Steel sequel?

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It remains to be seen what or who was really inside the Kryptonian pod. Nonetheless, Snyder is still holding on to the tidbit piece of information. Likely in hopes of exploring the arc in the future? Time will tell.




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