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Arrow: Actor Johann Urb Thinks Exploring Vigilante’s Past Is A Good Idea

Still of Johann Urb from Arrow

Arrow: Actor Johann Urb Thinks Exploring Vigilante’s Past Is A Good Idea

Johann Urb’s Arrow character Vince Sobel, also known as Vigilante, continues to be one of the most mysterious characters on the show. While he has been around for a while, fans are still not familiar with his backstory. The actor believes that there is a “lot of room” to explore the Vigilante’s backstory on the show.

The character, which was previously played by Clayton Chitty, made his first appearance in Arrow Season 5 episode titled “Second Chances.” Chitty was later replaced by Johann Urb. Ever since his breakup with Dinah Drake, the masked wielding anti-hero has evolved over the period of time and the character has risen to prominence in Season 6 storyline. However, the details about his origin and transformation are yet to be explored by the series.

In an interview with Screenrant, the actor shared his ideas about how the series can explore Vigilante’s past. According to Urb, the best possible way is to do it how they did it for Green Arrow.

There’s certainly something that could be explored,” Urb said. “I think that this show does flashbacks really well, too. We’ve seen the whole history of the Green Arrow and what happened to him and in that sense there’s certainly a lot of room to explore where Vigilante has been, what has happened and what made him into the man he is today.”

Unfortunately, the actor isn’t sure whether the show has any plans to explore Vigilante’s past. Fans know that there is a lot of uncertainty surrounding the character’s true allegiance. After betraying Cayden James, he has now joined Dinah Drake.

Tonight, Arrow will come face to face with Dinah Drake. As revealed earlier, they will have an ultimate showdown which will put the life of one of their own in danger. Meanwhile, Oliver’s battle with Cayden James continues.

Arrow Season 6 airs Thursdays on The CW. Keep visiting Pursue News for more updates.

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