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Arrow Season 6 Episode 17: Diggle Fights Oliver In ‘Brothers In Arms’ Promo

Screenshot from Arrow 6x17 Promo Brothers in Arms Promo/ The CW

Arrow Season 6 Episode 17: Diggle Fights Oliver In ‘Brothers In Arms’ Promo

Arrow Season 6 Episode 17 debuts next week featuring Oliver Queen John Diggle’s biggest challenge yet. The upcoming episode is titled “Brothers in Arms” and sees how Team Arrow deals with the latest exit of Thea Queen from the team.

The CW has released a new promo for the upcoming seventeenth episode and as per the clip, things don’t look too good between Diggle and Oliver. By the look of it, it seems Oliver and Diggle are at odds and their differences end up in a physical fight. While Felicity tries to cool things down between the two, Oliver seems reluctant to settle the differences. Scroll down to watch the promo.

There is not much information about what leads to the problems between them. The duo better makes peace between them since they are the only two left on the team with Felicity Smoak after Thea Queen’s surprising exit. In tonight’s episode, Thea Queen joined Nyssa in her mission to bring down her father League of Assassins called The Thanatos Guild. Initially, Thea’s decision did upset Roy Harper, but he realized that there isn’t anything that could stop them from being together.

Arrow Season 6, episode 17 sees how the things play out for Team Arrow after Thea’s exit. Also, as reported previously, Diggle and Oliver will be facing their biggest challenge yet in the upcoming episode. The details about it remain unspecified.

In addition, “Brothers in Arms” focuses on Curtis’ personal life. Fans get to see Curtis’ new love interest, who disappoints him with his opinion on vigilante life. This is the first time Curtis is romantically involved with someone after his break up with his husband Paul, last season. Unfortunately, his new boyfriend is not a fan of Vigilantes. Considering his strong opinion about Curtis’ work, we wonder how far their relationship will go.

Arrow Season 6, episode 17 airs April 5 on The CW. Be sure to keep visiting Pursue News for more information and update.

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