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Arrow Season 6 Episode 22 Promo: Oliver & His Family Fights for Their Lives In ‘The Ties That Bind’

Screenshot from Arrow 6x18 Promo Fundamentals/ The CW

Arrow Season 6 Episode 22 Promo: Oliver & His Family Fights for Their Lives In ‘The Ties That Bind’

With just two episodes left, the tension between Diaz and Team Arrow has reached a dangerous point. Next week, the CW airs Arrow Season 6 penultimate episode 22 titled “The Ties that Bind” and it will see Oliver Queen and everyone he loves fighting for their lives.

After Oliver’s several failed attempts at bringing down Diaz, Felicity Smoak takes it upon herself to stop the villain. She puts everything on the line to protect the city and those she loves.

The CW has released a promo video teasing the events of Arrow Season 6 episode 22. Based on the promo, it is safe to say that Oliver’s family and friends life is in danger and whether everyone come out of it alive remains to be seen.

The clip opens with Diaz revealing his ultimate plan. “I had a plan. Killing Oliver Queen and everyone he cares about,” Diaz reveals at the beginning of the promo.

Everyone, who Oliver love is under attack by Diaz’s army. The clip shows Queen’s family enjoying a dinner together before the house is invaded by Diaz’s people, who shoot at it incessantly.

Elsewhere, Diggle gets into the action as he tries to escape the gunshots. Another shot gives a glimpse of an attack on Wild Dog’s house. In the end, Diaz himself is seen with a gun, shooting at Green Arrow. Scroll down to watch the full promo.

Meanwhile, Oliver has other issues to deal with at the family front. Felicity is determined to sacrifice herself to stop Diaz for good. Oliver is deeply upset with Felicity’s decision and attempts to convince her to not move forward with her plan.

“DIAZ AIMS FOR TEAM ARROW AND THEIR FAMILIES: Diaz (guest star Kirk Acevedo) targets Team Arrow and their loved ones. Oliver (Stephen Amell) struggles with Felicity (Emily Bett Rickards) putting herself in danger when she gets the chance to stop Diaz for good,” reads the official description for the penultimate episode titled “The Ties that Bind.”

Arrow Season 6 episode 22 airs May 10 on The CW. Stay tuned for more updates and information.

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