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‘Arrow’ Season 6: Episode 5 Promo Teases Return of Slade Wilson And A Big Revelation, Details

Photo from Facebook/Arrow (Courtesy The CW)

‘Arrow’ Season 6: Episode 5 Promo Teases Return of Slade Wilson And A Big Revelation, Details

Arrow is not done with Manu Bennett’s Slade Wilson yet. Season 6, episode 5 promo confirms the return of Deathstroke. Read on for the details.

The CW has just released a promo for Arrow Season 6, episode 5 giving a glimpse of the events of next week. The trailer does not only teases the return of Slade Wilson, the former member of ASIS but also confirms that he will suit up to appear as Deathstroke.

The episode next week is expected to delve deeper into Deathstroke’s backstory and family life. The promo clip shows Slade approach Oliver for help. Slade’s son Joe Wilson is missing and he needs Oliver to help him find him.

“Your boy was snooping around with not so nice guys,” a man tells Slade in the promo. Scroll down to watch the trailer.

Meanwhile, the official synopsis for Arrow Season 6, episode 5 reveals that Joe is taken hostage by bad guys. Oliver Queen join hands with Slade to help him find his son. As their mission progresses, they unravel devastating information that suggests that Slade may not be able to reunite with his son forever.

In addition, Vigilante returns to Star City and will be seen in action.

“Deathstroke (Manu Bennett) returns and asks Oliver (Stephen Amell) for help in tracking down his son. When they learn Joe (guest star William Franklyn-Miller) has been taken hostage by mercenaries, their mission to save him gets complicated by a terrible revelation that could shatter Slade’s hopes of reunion forever. Meanwhile, Vigilante reappears in Star City,” reads the official description for Arrow Season 6, episode 5. The episode titled “Deathstroke Returns” is written by Ben Sokolowski & Spiro Skentzos and directed by Joel Novoa.

Meanwhile, The CW has released a range of photos from the upcoming episode. Click here to view them as published on TV Fanatic.

Arrow Season 6, episode 5 airs Nov. 9 on The CW. Keep visiting Pursue News for more news and updates on Arrow.




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