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Arrow Season 6: Liam Hall Cast As Deathstroke’s Son, Details Revealed

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Arrow Season 6: Liam Hall Cast As Deathstroke’s Son, Details Revealed

Arrow season 6 will be airing this year. After the previous season’s epic season finale, Stephen Amell’s emerald archer will be facing a new enemy. Apart from bringing a new enemy in the next season, it also seems the show is adding new cast members. The latest one to join the show is Liam Hall, who will be seen in a very important role this season.

EW exclusively reported that Lucifer star Hall would be joining the show as Slade Wilson a.k.a Deathstroke’s son Joe Wilson. What he has been doing and in which condition has he been in was also revealed. The information comes from an official character description of Deathstroke’s son. It states,

“The son of one of the Green Arrow’s (Stephen Amell) greatest foes, Joe Wilson has followed in his father’s footsteps by joining the secret Australian military agency, A.S.I.S. After years of brutal combat, Joe now finds himself in a remote Kasnian prison under the alias, Kane Wolfman, fighting for his life.”

Deathstroke son’s entry in the show this season comes after Oliver Queen promised he would give information about him to his father in exchange for his help in the season finale. Since the son is now making an appearance, it seems Queen will be fulfilling his promise and letting Deathstroke know where his son is.

Deathstroke’s wife and son were presumably killed in a raid that was conducted at his home. But previous season’s finale revealed that his son was actually alive.

In the comic books too, Deathstroke had a son. After having been injected with an experimental serum and becoming a mercenary, his son’s life was threatened by some of his enemies. When he could not protect him the way he was supposed to, his wife shot him in the eye and thus leaving him with just an eye.

In the DCTV universe, Wilson has multiple sons. The first one is the one who will be appearing in Arrow. While the other one by the name Grant was the one who took up the mantle of Deathstroke in the year 2046. This future son showed up in Legends of Tomorrow. 

Arrow revolves around the life of a Billionaire Playboy who was stranded on an island for five years. He taught himself how to survive in the remote island present in the North China Sea and returned back to his city.

Upon his return, he became a vigilante and put together a team who could help him right all the wrongs done by his family and free the city of all criminals. Since then he has established himself as a superhero and one of the most members of the DCTV universe.

Arrow season 6 will air this year on Oct. 12.




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