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‘Arrow’ Season 6: Anatoly May Be The Strongest Villain Oliver Will Face

Still Of Anatoly From Arrow/Courtesy to The CW

‘Arrow’ Season 6: Anatoly May Be The Strongest Villain Oliver Will Face

Arrow Season 6 will see the return of some of the familiar faces. One of them being that of Anatoly Knyazev, who was betrayed by Oliver Queen in Season 5. Read on for the details.

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Stephen Amell (Oliver Queen) revealed that this time Anatoly will not return as Oliver’s ally but an enemy.

“Anatoly has an interesting power over him that I don’t know a lot of other villains — if any villain at all — has ever had,” Stephen Amell told the above mentioned publication while talking about Anatoly’s role in Season 6. “Oliver didn’t kill Chase for a very specific reason, because that’s what Chase wanted, but he tried to kill Malcolm, and he killed Slade once upon a time, and then put him away in prison, and then he went on this anti-killing thing, but he still killed Ra’s al Ghul and still killed Damien Darhk. Anatoly is this weird grey area of a guy that he loves and respects too much.”

Anatoly was Oliver’s mentor. However, their last encounter did not go as expected. The events of the finale will put the oldest allies in a difficult position and against each other.

Both characters share a close relationship and past stories that the rest of team Arrow aren’t aware of. It would truly be a challenge for Oliver. But Anatoly might not be the only foe that takes on Oliver as Black Siren also becomes a chaotic villain to deal with in season 6.

Anatoly’s return is certain and he will make his comeback in “Arrow” Season 6, episode 2. The upcoming segment is titled “Tribute” and its official synopsis hints at Anatoly’s deadly agenda.

“ANATOLY RETURNS TO STAR CITY — Oliver (Stephen Amell) tries to balance being the mayor, the Green Arrow and a father to William (guest star Jack Moore). Anatoly (guest star David Nykl) returns to Star City with a deadly agenda,” reads the official synopsis of “Tribute.”

Besides Anatoly and Black Siren, Oliver will also be dealing with Richard Dragon as the returning villains this season. “Arrow” Season 6, episode 2 airs Oct. 19 on The CW. Stay tuned for more spoilers and updates.




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