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Arrow-verse Crossover Set Photo Reveals A Happy Ending For Oliver

Screenshot from Arrow Season 5/Courtesy To The CW

Arrow-verse Crossover Set Photo Reveals A Happy Ending For Oliver

Oliver Queen will have a lot of weight on his shoulder in Arrow season 6. But it looks like that won’t be pushing him down a darker path rather the opposite going by the set photos captured during the filming of the crossover episode.


A report from last week revealed that the Arrowverse crossover which would feature Barry and Iris’s wedding would also focus on Oliver’s love story. But the report was more of a hint that the main character “explores the question of true love.” Although the word Felicity didn’t pop up, it was evident that Oliver was going to end up with her.

New set photos from the Arrowverse crossover revealed the much expected happy ending of the episode. The images revealed Barry Allen and Iris West finally getting married. But they weren’t the only couple that was pronounced as husband and wife.

In the below photos shared by Twitter account Canadagraphs and YVRShoots, fans can spot Oliver and Felicity right beside Barry and Iris. The images confirm that it is, in fact, a double wedding scene. Check out the images below.

Fans will finally get to see Olicity and WestAllen in the Arrowverse crossover episode. Diggle (David Ramsey) is also spotted on the left side and by the looks of it, he would probably be Oliver’s best man.

Earlier set photos captured during the filming of the ‘Thanksgiving’ episode also hinted a union of the Queen Family. Oliver’s son, William was also spotted standing beside his father with a happy facing hinting that it all goes well.

It looks like Oliver’s personal life has a ray of hope after being united with the love of his life and his son. But the Green Arrow will still face one of the toughest enemies in season 6.

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