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Atlantian Guard Spotted In Justice League Themed Gillette Commercial

Screencap from Justice League & Gillette Commerical/ Courtesy to Warner Bros. and Gillette

Atlantian Guard Spotted In Justice League Themed Gillette Commercial

Warner Bros. is ‘All In’ with Justice League promotions as TV spots, posters and commercials continue to take over social media. Recently, we spotted an advertisement by Gillette for the film and it contains some interesting teasing details that deserve to be pointed out.

At the start of the commercial, fans can spot the Batmobile parked next to Gillette’s Advanced Studies Laboratory. The vehicle was also showcased at 3 Timesquare when WB and AT&T took over the place to promote Justice League. The entire ad reveals several props such as The Batman’s headgear and The Man of Steel suit.

The commercial also has The Flash running around, leaving just traces of his lightning. But the most important reveal in the ad comes at 0:30. The footage reveals an Atlantian guard in armor holding a trident.

This is the first close-up look at the Atlantian body armor which looks similar to the suit worn by Aquaman in Justice League. The solider is also shown wearing a headgear floating in the sea. Fans can check it out in the video below.

It certainly seems like it is the suit that was used for the extras that portrayed as Atlantian soldiers in the upcoming Justice League. Perhaps, fans will get to see more of it in later TV spots and promotional images.

The first official Justice League trailer also featured a scene where Atlantian guards were spotted behind Amber Heard’s Mera from an underwater scene. Comparing the armor from the commercial to the trailer, we can confirm it’s accurate.  But recent set footages from James Wan’s Aquaman standalone project revealed that there other types of Atlantian armors that fans can expect.

Justice League hits the big screens on November 17th this year. The film will give the audience their first look at the DC Universe fictional world known Atlantis. The fictional world has already been teased as underwater Star Wars in the upcoming Aquaman.

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