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Aubrey Plaza Reveals Interest To Play Catwoman For DCEU

Aubrey Plaza Reveals Interest To Play Catwoman For DCEU

Aubrey Plaza has once again revealed her interest in playing as the Catwoman for the DCEU. During her Reddit AMA For the upcoming film The Little Hours, the actress shocked her fans with her statement of interest to play the villainous character.

Aubrey Plaza was asked by a fan about her interest in playing a role that she had wanted to. “I want to be cat woman,” wrote the actress.

As mentioned in the beginning, this wasn’t the first time Plaza had revealed her interest in playing the DC character. Earlier in 2014, the actress stated that she’d like to play as Catwoman and star along with Ben Affleck.

The actress’s comment from 2014 led some to fan casting her as Catwoman. An artist on Instagram also illustrated the actress wearing the villainous stealthy attire. Fans can check it out below.

Plaza’s interest to play the role is sure to be heard by the masses. Unlike earlier, Warner Bros. would soon begin hunting for a cast to play as Catwoman for David Ayer’s Gotham City Sirens.

If Plaza has a chance at the role, it is possible that fans would soon find a conclusion. Recently, Ayer departed from directing the Scarface reboot. Due to the incident, it has been suggested that the director could start working on the project sooner than expected.

Going by the buzz on social media, fans seem to be divided on casting the actress for the role. Many have also stated that she could be too young to play the part along with Affleck’s Batman.

Gotham City Sirens stars Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn and is expected to cast Poison Ivy and Catwoman. Robbie is also an executive producer of the DCEU film and it is all set to be helmed by Ayer.

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