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Avatar 2 – here’s who dies in the Way of Water, [SPOILER] death explained

Avatar 2 – here’s who dies in the Way of Water, [SPOILER] death explained

Avatar 2 is not just a story about the Pandora dwelling Na’vi’s Jake Sully (Sam Worthington) and Neytiri (Zoe Saldana) instead director James Cameron pivots focus onto the younger Sullys namely Neteyam (Jamie Flatters), Lo’ak (Britain Dalton), Tuk (Trinity Jo-Li Bliss) and his adopted daughter Kiri (Sigourney Weaver). Though in exploring new beginnings, the Sullys are also haunted by their past ghosts, Quaritch (Stephen Lang) is back as Recombinants along with his squadron of marines to not only resume RDA’s task but also seek revenge against Jake for killing him.  

Warning: article contains major spoilers for Avatar: The Way of Water

Disney’s 20th Century Studios spending the big bucks for Avatar 2 has truly paid off for the industry as box office trackers indicate the second installment looks to earn between $450-550million worldwide. Premiering with sold-out theatres, Cameron’s sci-fi follow-up is expected to do wonders in helping the theater business bounce back to the pre-pandemic days. And that brings us to the story elements of Avatar 2. Unlike the original, the director does not pull any punches in delivering real stakes and unbearable consequences for Jake Sully. 

Sullys stick together, that’s the central message of the second installment’s family drama plot. Sadly, not all of them get to walk into the sunset by the end of Avatar: The Way of Water. After almost a decade since the events of 2007’s Avatar – the RDA is back with more menacing resources to scorch forests and Pandora’s wildlife in a bid to take over Na’vi’s lands for their own gains.

Toruk Makto is quick to realize a battle against RDA will lead to more bloodshed, possibly his very own offspring Neteyam, Lo’ak, etc., and avoids direct confrontation to take a guerilla warfare approach to steal their weapons.  However, this changes after he realizes Quaritch is back as a Na’vi soldier with his human memories embedded into him. In fact, The Marine General’s visit to his own grave spot leads to a confrontation between the general’s marine forces and Sully and Neytiri, ultimately ending with Spider being taken, hostage. 

Avatar 2 focuses on Jake Sully’s relationship with sons Neteyam and Lo’ak

While Jake Sully decides to run with his family, seeking refuge with Metkayina Clan – trouble still finds him as the colonizers attack the Reef dwellers and their spiritual companions, Tulkuns. Eventually, Jake, Neytiri and Metkayina’s leader Tonowari are forced to take the fight to them when their daughters and sons are caught by the RDA while attempting to help Lo’ak save the Tulkun outcast, Paykan.

The RDA-Metkayina conflict led by Na’vi’s Jake Sully on the Sea Dragon mothership gets messy as Lo’ak, Tonowari’s daughter Tsireya and Tuk are taken hostage. Although they manage to dodge death thanks to Paykan’s surprise attack – Lo’ak convinces his brother  Neteyam to rescue Spider as well. 

The two brothers’ rescue mission goes sideways as they face gunfire, forcing them to jump off the ship. Lo’ak later notices his brother’s wound and although he is quick to take him to Sully, Neteyam dies from the bullet to his chest. 

Neteyam’s death haunts both Lo’ak as well as Sully but amid the fight against Quaritch, Jake watches his younger son rescue him with the ways of Metkayina which makes him see the attributes that he also saw in Neteyam.

Sadly, the death of Neteyam is irreversible as far as what was shown in the final act. But Jake and Neytiri get closure from burying their first son among Metkayina’s ancestors in their Tree of Life. 

Neteyam’s death also seems to be the turning point for Jake to stand against the colonizers once and for all. It’s evident that Avatar 3 will explore an all-out war against the RDA though will it just be the Na’vi and Meykayina? it remains to be seen.

Avatar: The Way of Water is currently in theaters.




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