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Avatar 5’s 2031 release raises questions if James Cameron can finish franchise but Sonic 3 fans celebrate with memes: ‘Afraid of Shadow the Hedgehog’

Avatar 5’s 2031 release raises questions if James Cameron can finish franchise but Sonic 3 fans celebrate with memes: ‘Afraid of Shadow the Hedgehog’

Disney delaying Avatar 3 for 2025 and pushing Avatar 5 for 2031 has Pandora fans concerned if James Cameron will be able and well to helm the franchise’s final film. But Sonic 3 fans are delighted by the sci-fi fantasy threequel’s December 2025 release date as it makes room for the Hedgehog-based third installment to thrive at the box office.

It looks like the Writers’ strike has finally impacted Disney’s release calendar. While Avatar 3 is set for 19 December 2025 – Cameron fans will face a long four-year gap before Avatar 4 arrives on 18 December 2026. Ultimately, after another five-year gap – the fifth Avatar movie will grace theaters on 19 December 2031. The news has distraught Pandora fans since many anticipated seeing Jake and Neytiri’s story unravel on 20 December 2024, the original release date.

The Titanic filmmaker is currently 68 years old and will be 76 when Avatar 5 releases. Though Some are also concerned if the franchise will involve Stephen Lang and Sigourney Weavers since the two actors will be in their 80s when Avatar 5 releases. However, there is also the argument that Cameron would likely film Avatar 4 and 5 back to back similar to the 2nd and 3rd installments.

James Cameron has already crossed his retirement age and does not appear to have plans to slow down even after the Avatar franchise. Though it should not come as a surprise with veteran auteur filmmakers as others like Martin Scorsese will be 81 just a month after the release of his upcoming movie Killers of the Flower Moon. Whereas Ridley Scott will be 86 during the release of Napoleon in November 2023.

On the bright side, Sonic 3 won’t be facing off against Avatar 3 at the box office. Disney’s release calendar news has Hedgehog fans celebrating with Sonic sweep memes. Some hilariously suggested Shadow the Hedgehog was the reason behind Avatar 3’s delay. Sonic 2‘s post-credits scene teased Shadow the Hedgehog for the third film which is scheduled for December 2024.

Avatar 2’s massive $2.3 billion earnings at the global box office are a testament to the franchise’s ability to not only rake in big profits but also cast a big shadow on other titles released during the holiday season (Christmas). Meanwhile, there are questions if James Cameron would choose a successor to direct Avatar 5 or any potential sequels beyond the fifth installment.

In a 2022 interview, the director acknowledged “I’m not going to be able to make Avatar movies indefinitely, the amount of energy required. I would have to train somebody how to do this because, I don’t care how smart you are as a director, you don’t know how to do this.”

Perhaps someone like Robert Rodriguez might be on Cameron’s list but it’s too soon to tell. Fans are rather hoping Rodriguez and Cameron deliver on the Alita: Battle Angel sequel.




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