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Avengers 4 Director Provides Update On Film’s Post-Production Process & Also Trolls Fans

Avengers 4 concept art by Ryan Meinerding from D23 Expo

Avengers 4 Director Provides Update On Film’s Post-Production Process & Also Trolls Fans

Avengers 4 co-director Joe Russo revealed a lot of information about the highly anticipated Marvel film during an Instagram live question and answer session. The Q&A session was recently conducted to promote the opening of his new restaurant Duello Bar.

While Marvel fans wanted to learn about Avengers 4 title, hoping it would offer some clues for what to expect after the shocking Avengers: Infinity War events, Joe did not reveal anything about it. In fact, he played a prank with fans by ending the stream just moments before he was about to reveal the real title of Avengers 4, reported Screen Rant.

Did only one person ask that question?” Russo asked, prompting a joke that only one person wanted to know about the film’s title. “The next movie’s called Avengers—

And then the live stream ended. Although Russo immediately returned back to reveal the title, the stream ended yet again. It was undoubtedly a gag as the Avengers 4 director never intended to reveal the title.

Thankfully, the director did confirm some details about Avengers 4’s current status. He confirmed that they have almost edited half of the film, with composer Alan Silvestri starting his musical score.

We are about halfway through the editing process,” Joe revealed, who’s co-directing Avengers 4 with brother Anthony. “We are just scratching the surface on all our VFX shots. There are more than 3000 VFX shots in the movie. We are very early in that phase. We just started work on the score. We are still editing picture at this point.”

When a fan asked Joe how long Avengers 4 will run, he replied the film currently spans to three hours, but it’s not certain if the final cut will also have the same runtime.

The running time on Avengers 4 is currently sitting right at three hours, so we’ll see if that holds, but it’s sitting right at three hours right now,” Russo explained.

Avengers 4 is set to release in theatres on May 3, 2019.

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