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‘Avengers 4’: Next Filming Location Reportedly Revealed, Details

‘Avengers 4’: Next Filming Location Reportedly Revealed, Details

It looks like the Earth’s Mightiest Heroes will once again travel to another part of the world in Avengers 4. However, it’s a place that the team has already made a visit to.

It has been reportedly revealed that Avengers 4 production will once again take place in Scotland. The news comes from Daily Record whose sources have said that the filming in the location won’t take place until July.

“A second film is pencilled in for filming in Scotland in 2018,” said Daily Record’s industry source. “People have been put on standby for another movie next year. It won’t be until July because the Infinity War premiere is around May and all the cast will be tied up doing promo for that for a month.”

Earlier in May, actor Chris Hemsworth and others were also filming their part for Avengers: Infinity War in Scotland. The production was undergoing in one of the most iconic places in the city, the Durham Cathedral.

Other reports also revealed that the movie had put out casting calls for extras to play as Police officers. This suggested that the scenes filmed in Scotland would involve action sequences.

As the team once again visits the same location for Avengers 4, it suggests that Infinity War’s storyline is somehow connected to the fourth installment as well.

As the filming in Scotland is only expected to begin next year, the cast member won’t have any info to reveal from their filming for the fourth installment during Infinity War’s premiere and press junkets.

It has already been told that just the title of the Untitled Avengers 4 contains spoilers for Infinity War. The film hits the big screens on May 3rd, 2019.

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Source: Daily Record




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