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‘Avengers 4’: Photos Reveal A Colorful Outdoor Set Portraying Tokyo

‘Avengers 4’: Photos Reveal A Colorful Outdoor Set Portraying Tokyo

Earlier in July, it was reportedly revealed that Avengers 4 will also be set in Tokyo, Japan. Recently, new set photos have confirmed that report as visuals reveals colorful streets with Japanese texts all around the location.

The images come from Joe Passori via his Twitter account Atlanta Filming. Fans can notice extras on set and other crew members as well. Photos can be found below.

The plot and title of Avengers 4 is still kept under wraps. However, it looks like New York City won’t be the only location that gets to witness action in the upcoming films.

As of now, there has been no news on the rumored involvement of the Yakuza in Avengers 4. But an earlier casting call revealed that the studio was looking to cast extras to play as Gangsters and Cafe Patrons.  Although that doesn’t give out any information, fans can rest assure that the scenes in Tokyo would involve some form action sequences.

It is currently unknown why the Avengers travel to Tokyo in the 4th installment. It is possible that the wrath of Thanos may have affected several parts of the world. However, unless the movie’s title is revealed (which contains a spoiler to Infinity War), the reason behind Earth’s mightiest heroes visiting Japan would remain a mystery.

Unlike previous MCU films, Avengers: Infinity War and its next installment seem to move in a different direction. As the 22-movie arc ends with the 4th Avengers, drastic changes are expected to take place.

Avengers 4 is scheduled to release on May 4th, 2018. Earlier this month, Joe and Anthony Russo began principal photography with the film.

It's …. Japan.

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