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‘Avengers 4’: Sebastian Stan Is Unsure If Winter Soldier Shows Up In Film

‘Avengers 4’: Sebastian Stan Is Unsure If Winter Soldier Shows Up In Film

Avengers 4 is one big mystery for Marvel fans, who have no idea what’s more store for them after Avengers: Infinity War’s heart-wrenching ending. Avengers 4 makers and the cast members are making sure they don’t spill out any spoilers for the film. Actor Sebastian Stan, who plays Bucky Barnes aka Winter Soldier in Marvel Cinematic Universe, has cast doubt on whether or not his character will make a return in the upcoming Avengers film.

During an interview with Collider, while promoting director Karyn Kusama’s upcoming crime thriller Destroyer, Stan revealed that he’s not even sure if he’ll be in Avengers 4 or not.

When I was shooting anything, nobody ever told me what was part one or part two. The truth is, I don’t even know if I’m in [Avengers 4],” the actor explained.

He added that the two films were largely shot simultaneously, so, he is unsure if the remaining scenes, which he shot and did not appear in Infinity War, would make it to Avengers 4 final cut.

What I shot was in part one. And anything that I shot may or may not have been in part one or part two and I still don’t know,” Stan said. “There were things that we shot that were never gonna make it because it was easier to just convolute the whole thing.”

The Marvel actor said he’s very confident that Avengers 4 will thrive with or without his character showing up.

But you know it’s going to deliver on a level that we probably haven’t even digested yet,” Stan said. “Because that’s what they do best.”

While it currently remains unknown if Bucky Barnes will return in Avengers 4, it’s pretty sure that the fan-favorite character will return as part of the Disney’s series focusing on The Winter Soldier and Anthony Mackie‘s Falcon.

Directed by Anthony and Joe Russo, Avengers 4 will stomp into theatres on May 3, 2019.

Source: Collider




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