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Avengers 4 Set Photo Reveals A Special Stark Industries Tech From Captain America: Civil War

Still from Avengers Infinity War trailer/ Marvel studios

Avengers 4 Set Photo Reveals A Special Stark Industries Tech From Captain America: Civil War

It looks like a technology invented and revealed by Tony Stark in Captain America: Civil War could come to the rescue in Avengers 4. Furthermore, it could help both Iron Man as well the ensemble in stopping Thanos.

Warning: The article below may contain spoilers to Avengers 4

New set photos have hinted the return of a special tech called B.A.R.F in the final film of phase 3. PassoriJoe, an Atlanta-based photographer shared the stills from the set.

Initially, some may miss out on what makes the photos interesting. But a closer look and any MCU fan can spot the important detail.

‘Binary Augmented retro framing’ a.k.a BARF can be spotted on the orange suitcase held by a staff who seems to handle the props. Fans can check it out below.

The term was revealed by Tony Stark himself in Captain America: Civil War. The genius billionaire also briefly explains its purpose during his talk at MIT.

To jog fan’s memory, Stark explains that the new invention would hijack the hippocampus to clear traumatic memories. But he also clarifies that it cannot alter reality but it can help people cope with depression.

Earlier yesterday, different set photos revealed Iron Man, Captain America (in his old suit) and others in a setting which suggests that they are attempting to alter reality. Perhaps, this all ties it together.

Fans must remember that this is an arc that was set by the Russo brothers. Captain America: Civil War was also directed by the same directors. So it would be interesting to see how they planned to make this special tech prominent in Avengers 4.

Avengers 4 is set to hit theatres on May 3, 2019. The directors have officially revealed that they have wrapped up production with a photo of the wrap cake.  Earlier, actress Karen Gillan also shared a small wrap gift from the directors as well.

Why didn't anyone tell me this was not right side up?

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BARF! On set

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