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Avengers 4 Set Photos Further Suggests Altering Of Reality

Avengers Infinity War Concept Art

Avengers 4 Set Photos Further Suggests Altering Of Reality

New set photos from Avengers 4 continue to suggest that the film could feature timeline altering events by sending some of our superheroes back in time. An important element spotted in the images makes it likely that the ensemble is in fact in a different a timeline.

Just Jared has shared photos which revealed Chris Evans, Mark Ruffalo, Robert Downey Jr. and Paul Rudd filming scenes together. Fans can notice that Captain America is donning his old suit from the first Avengers movie.

Tony Stark is shown wearing an S.H.I.E.L.D tracksuit which was spotted in earlier set photos as well. Ruffalo is in his mo-cap suit which confirms that he is in The Hulk state. However, Ant-man, on the other hand, is wearing the new version of his costume.

Ant-man’s new suit was earlier revealed in a set video. It confirms that the superhero is from the present timeline in the set photos.

One element that connects all the superheroes is a device that can be spotted on all their hands. It is currently a mystery but it is possible that the device has something to do with time traveling.

This isn’t the first time characters from the Ant-man franchise hinted a flashback scene. Earlier, a set photo shared by Evangeline Lilly also suggested that the actress filmed a scene in her bob haircut.

Photos from Ant-Man and the Wasp confirmed that Hope grows out her hair. Unless the character decided to change her hairstyle, this again suggests that it could be a flashback or a time traveling scene.

Perhaps, the events that unfold in Avengers: Infinity War will explain the set photos from Avengers 4. For now, it’s a waiting game as we await the release of the threequel this May. Stay Tuned with Pursue News for more updates related to MCU and Avengers 4.

Source: Just Jared




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