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Avengers: Infinity War- Early Idea For Soul Stone Scene Revealed

Still of Thanos from Avengers Infinity War/ Marvel Studios

Avengers: Infinity War- Early Idea For Soul Stone Scene Revealed

Avengers: Infinity War was indeed a dark film with massive war scenes and a lot of deaths. In fact, at the end of the movie, Thanos wiped off half of the universe with a just a snap of his fingers using the Infinity Gauntlet. The list even includes some of the fan-favorite Marvel superheroes including Doctor Strange, Spider-Man, Star-Lord, Black Panther and more.

According to a report from SlashFilm, the one particular scene, which comes towards the end of the film after Thanos has triumphed and encounters a young Gamora, was originally intended to be much darker than what finally appeared on the big screen.

Dan Deleeuw, VFX company Digital Domain’s visual effects supervisor for Avengers: Infinity War, revealed to SlashFilm that the original Soul Stone scene envisioned Thanos taking a walk on a river of blood, intended to represent the blood of his snap victims. But, when the makers felt that the scene would be too dark, they explored other options and ultimately came upon what we see in the final version.

Last week, an Avengers: Infinity War VFX reel from VFX company Rise offered a glimpse of how CGI was used to create a number of sequences in the film including Team Cap’s Wakanda arrival scene, Doctor Strange’s magical portal, Tony and Pepper’s stroll in Central Park, Bucky’s arm, the Wakandan landscape, as well as the film’s post-credits sequence with Nick Fury and Maria Hill.

You can check out the VFX video below.

In the “Beyond the Battle: Wakanda” featurette released as part of Avengers: Infinity War’s home release, executive producer Victoria Alonso revealed that there were 3,000 shots in the film in addition to a whopping 2,900 visual effects shots. He described the film as one big CGI scene.

Directed by Joe and Anthony Russo,  Avengers: Infinity War is now available on Digital HD, 4K Ultra HD, Blu-Ray, & DVD.

Source:  SlashFilm




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