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Avengers: Infinity War Had Moments To Spare For Two Indian Reference

Still from Avengers Infinity War/ Marvel Studios

Avengers: Infinity War Had Moments To Spare For Two Indian Reference

The recent Avengers: Infinity War was the darkest MCU film by far but still managed to entertain fans with its jokes, easter eggs and references. While every scene in the movie was prominent to the storyline, it still had a few moments to spare to give a nod to its fans in India.

Warning: The article contains major spoilers from the film

Initially, when the audience is first introduced to Doctor Strange and his companion Wong, the movie slightly gives a nod to Indians with a reference to the nation’s currency.

During a few dialogue exchanges between Doctor Strange and Wong in the New York Sanctum, Wong uses the word, ‘rupee’ revealing he has 200 rupee and not dollars. But that wasn’t the only reference in the movie.

There was another reference, possibly to the Hindu gods when Doctor Strange takes on Thanos on planet Titan.  The Master of the Mystic Arts proves he’s a worthy contender as the Mad Titan himself is forced to use two stones, the power stone and soul stone in the battle.

During their fight, Doctor Strange surprises Thanos by using his magical abilities and in an instance, the Sorcerer Supreme is shown with multiple hands. This is likely a reference to the Hindu goddess known as ‘Kali’.

While many may not have noticed, Doctor Strange is shown with 10 hands during the scene. Similarly, in the Hindu mythology, Kali takes a ten-armed form called Mahakali.

It is quite possible that the two moments were included to give a nod to the Indian audience. Fortunately, it seems to have successfully made its way into the movie without being cut by the Censor board in India unlike Black Panther ’s Hindu god easter egg.

Avengers: Infinity War is finally in theatres and its massive box office earnings look to break every record set forth by past MCU titles and other movies such as Avatar. Currently, India is listed among the top 10 internal market with an earning grossing above $18 million on the opening weekend. Fans can check it out in the tweet below.




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