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Avengers: Infinity War Moviegoer In India Dies Watching The Action-Packed Film

Still of Thanos from Avengers Infinity War/ Marvel Studios

Avengers: Infinity War Moviegoer In India Dies Watching The Action-Packed Film

Avengers: Infinity War is undoubtedly shattering all records left and right. It has even dethroned Star Wars: The Force Awakens to become the film with the highest opening-weekend US box office record, earning an estimated $250 million. Star Wars: The Force Awakens had garnered a whopping $248 million in its opening release weekend in 2015.

Avengers: Infinity War is being linked with everything positive, but, there’s one piece of news that has dampened the celebratory mood. It has been reported that one Avengers: Infinity War moviegoer in India reportedly died of a heart attack while watching the superhero film in a theatre.

According to a report coming from The Times of India, Peddapasupula Baasha, who was a construction worker, made a plan to watch Avengers: Infinity War as part of the May Day celebration. He went to watch the film in 3D in Cinehub Multiplex in Proddatur town in Andhra Pradesh’s Kadapa district on Tuesday.

It was only after the film got over that the theatre employees found that the 43-year-old Baasha dead in his seat. They found him sitting in his seat without any movement. Initially, they thought that the man was waiting for the post-credits scene. But when he didn’t move even after the post-credits scene, it became clear there was something wrong with him. On removing his 3D glasses, the officials learned that he died with his eyes open.

While initial investigation hints that there’s nothing unnatural about Baasha’s death and that he died due to either a heart attack or natural causes, the police officials have still sent the body to a local government hospital for further examination. The death has been filed under section 174 of India’s code of criminal procedure as a suspicious death. The investigation to find out the exact cause of Baasha’s death is currently in process.

Although Marvel Studios or Avengers: Infinity War has nothing to do with Baasha’s Death, the person’s family and friends will always associate the film with the tragic loss.

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Source: The Times of India




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