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Avengers: Infinity War New Filming Location Revealed

Avengers: Infinity War New Filming Location Revealed

Marvel Studios has been quite busy with Avengers: Infinity War as the film’s production is underway in Scotland and Atlanta. Recently, a new source has revealed that the studio will be going back to the city where it all started.

It has been reported that the filming of Avengers: Infinity War will later take place in New York in “mid to late July.” The news comes from Joe Passori, an Atlanta-based paparazzo who updates his audience with TV and movie news via his twitter account @AtlantaFilming.

In The Avengers, the final battle with Loki and Chitauri army took place in Manhattan, New York. The city was devastated and also came close to detonating a nuclear missile. If it wasn’t for Iron Man’s quick thinking to redirect the warhead into the portal that allowed Chitauri army to invade earth, the city that never sleeps would have been totally annihilated (in the fictional world, of course.)

Thanos’s invasion in Avengers: Infinity War would certainly surpass the devastation that occurred during Loki’s Battle of New York incident. Currently, we could only speculate the measures the earthlings are willing to take to avoid another catastrophe in New York.

In more Avengers news, a recent report has hinted that a “major new character” makes his debut appearance in the upcoming MCU film. Furthermore, it was suggested that the character would be fan-pleaser (read the final para on Gamezone).

Avengers: Infinity War releases on May 24th, 2018. A recent casting call revealed that the studio is looking to hire real life police officers and fire-fighters to be part of the project.

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