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Avengers star Jeremy Renner will reprise Hawkeye if Marvel Studios want him back

Avengers star Jeremy Renner will reprise Hawkeye if Marvel Studios want him back

As one of the last surviving veteran Avengers in the MCU, fans have wondered if Jeremy Renner‘s Hawkeye could return for a future Marvel Studios project in Phase 6. While the Clint Barton starrer Disney Plus series left his character with a possibility for return – Renner’s tragic accident in January raised doubts about his career in acting.

From surviving Thanos’ Chitauri in the first Avengers movie to fighting Outriders in Endgame – Hawkeye has been through a lot as the only normie Avenger with no special abilities. In fact, the Hawkeye series addressed the bodily damages he has sustained over the years which also has him dealing with partial hearing loss.

Similarly, Jeremy Renner sustained grave injuries from his Snowplow accident that had him hospitalized. While the Avengers star has put his life-threatening incident behind him, the doctors & his Marvel co-stars still called it a “miracle” he survived. With Renner on a path to recovery – it has slowly prompted fans to inquire if he’d return to acting.

Recently, the Hawkeye actor was a guest at Arizona’s Phoenix Fan Fusion convention where he responded to questions regarding his career. According to @LegionofSand, Jeremy Renner said, “If Marvel wants me back, I’ll do it in a heartbeat.”

Jeremy Renner has also been sharing updates from his life since the incident and appears to be in shape. However, even with the actor’s recovery – he is currently not signed on for any MCU projects. Nonetheless, fans have campaigned for a Hawkeye season 2 and while Barton passed on the torch to Kate Bishop – it will be an interesting team-up to see the two working together in a follow-up season. But besides MCU, the actor was last seen in Disney Plus’ Rennervations series.

At the moment, Hawkeye is only rumored to return for the next big culmination event in MCU which is Avengers: The Kang Dynasty. Though it would not come as a surprise if Marvel Studios has a cameo appearance for the Avengers in any of the upcoming projects like Ironheart, Daredevil: Born Again, and Captain America: New World Order to name a few.

Hawkeye is available to watch on Disney Plus.




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