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‘Batfleck Forever..’: DCEU fans react to Ben Affleck’s Batman returning in Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom, Restore the Snyderverse trends

‘Batfleck Forever..’: DCEU fans react to Ben Affleck’s Batman returning in Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom, Restore the Snyderverse trends

DCEU star Jason Momoa seems to have jumped the gun in revealing Ben Affleck’s Batman involvement in Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom. The two stars reunited for Aquaman 2 reshoots with Batfleck’s appearance reportedly replacing Michael Keaton’s Dark Knight cameo. The news has DC fans rejoiced, especially snyderverse fandom that remains hopeful as ever.

Momoa announced the news on Instagram by sharing a still of Affleck wearing his Bruce Wayne wig and posing alongside the Lost Kingdom lead star. In addition, he also shared a small clip from the Warner Bros. lot where fans on a bus tour seemingly saw the Justice League actor filming with Momoa. That seems to be what triggered the announcement.

The surprising reveal has put Ben Affleck’s Batman on top of the trending list in Twitter. Some are taking it as a sign Warner Bros. Discovery is interested in pursuing this version of the character. However, others also pointed out Keaton’s appearance in Batgirl, indicating Affleck would be back for a one-off appearance. Nevertheless, an enthusiastic fandom is already cheering on his return, as can be seen in the reactions below.

Insiders like Grace Randolph had earlier claimed Keaton’s Dark Knight was replaced with Affleck due to Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom arriving sooner than The Flash. Moreover, it was also claimed by the same insider that Batfleck’s appearance in the speedster flick, which was originally rumored to kill off/erase his version of the timeline – was changed to leave room for a future possibility of return.


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Affleck’s Batman in Aquaman 2 also casts more doubt on the Andy Muschietti-directed The Flash movie’s narrative introducing Keaton as the main Bruce Wayne of DC Extended Universe. Ever since Ezra Miller’s controversy, WBD has struggled to put the 2023 DC film on the front and center of its upcoming roster of releases. It will be interesting to see the next few courses of action from WB execs, in fact – a recent report that veteran Alan Horn, former Disney chairman has joined as a consultant has only assured DCEU fans that the franchise could be in safer hands.

Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom arrives on March 17, 2023.




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